What is Micro needling Brisbane?

Micro needling Brisbane, sometimes referred to as micro needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT), is an advanced and minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment suitable for all skin types. This is a procedure where tiny needles are insert into the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production. It is use to reduce visible signs of aging and the appearance of acne scars, which will also improve skin texture and tone. Essentially, it stimulates collagen production and increases cell turnover, resulting in a fresher, smoother, and younger-looking appearance. Our Master of Dermatology is a one-day course that includes theory and hands-on instruction to help you safely practice dermabrasion and dermabrasion, Our Master class in Skin Needling is a one-day course covering the theory and practical tuition to ensure you can safely practice Skin needling in Brisbane, Hydro dermabrasion in Brisbane and micro needling certification in Brisbane.


Our micro-Needling course in Brisbane is a one-to-one private course, specially designed with 6-8 hours of intensive practice, which aims to provide students with all the skills and knowledge required before entering the job market. More interestingly, when enrolling in the course, students not only have the opportunity to practice the techniques on actual clients, but also receive on-site treatment instruction from the instructor so that they can experience and understand the treatments. what customers feel when they get the same micro needling training courses near me service provided. This is not a government course but an Academy master class in Brisbane.

Our Academy Master Class Certificate is issue upon completion of 8 hours of practice (record in the diary) which can be done in your own living room. Soho Aesthetic Academy offers a 2-day training course covering all the correct procedures and techniques to perform dermabrasion safely and effectively. Once you have your micro needling professional certification in Brisbane, you can apply for professional compensation to start practicing at home or in the clinic.


  1. As a general rule, you should use sunscreen continuously for the first 2 weeks after micropigmentation in Brisbane. Remember to apply sunscreen whenever you go outside in the days following your treatment.
  2. Do not stay in the sun for long for the first week after microneedling as you will be more susceptible to sun damage than usual
  3. Use any topical antibiotic cream prescribed by your doctor to prevent infection.
  4. Wash your hands before touching your face.
  5. Avoid applying makeup, especially with used makeup brushes, for 24 hours after using the microneedle.
  6. You should also avoid swimming pools, saunas and situations where you can sweat a lot, including intense workouts in the gym, to protect your freshly treated skin .
  7. This treatment creates heat on the skin as a natural healing step. If you sweat or engage in activities that make you hot, it creates extra unwanted heat on your skin. It can also allow bacteria to enter the skin. This can lead to infection, persistent redness, or an adverse skin reaction.
  8. Apply a cooling facial mask to reduce swelling, redness and make your skin more comfortable.
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